Choreographed LED Show

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Choreographed LED Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Create professional choreographed shows with immense special effects

  • Can tailor show to incorporate logos, slogans & concepts

  • Can combine their LED show with their fire show for added wow-factor

  • Perfect for product launches, corporate events, special occasions…

  • Based in Holland & available to perform at events worldwide

Choreographed LED Show videos

Choreographed LED Show photos

This is a highly professional choreographed light show featuring some of the best LED performers in Europe. Founded in 2008 by a renowned professional dancer and choreographer, this group have become a leading provider of light shows and a known internationally for their high level of skill and attention to detail. 

Their impressive LED shows can be tailored to customised to meet your specific needs and requirements, incorporating logos, slogan and concepts. Whether you’re in need of a punchy performance for a product launch or an expressive dance show for a wedding, they can cater to you! 

In their shows they use a combination of different light tools including traditional poi, Flow Art poi, lasers and projection, as well as other lighting and multimedia. Also experts at fire performance, the two shows can be combined for the ultimate wow factor!

Aiming to provide exciting, unique and spectacular shows for a wide audience, they certainly succeed!

Enquire now to book this amazing act for your event.