Chinese Mask Changing Act

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Chinese Mask Changing Act
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Brilliant mask quick change artist will delight guests of all ages.

  • Quick change magic featuring amazing Chinese mask changing in traditional Chinese show.

  • Masks will vanish before guests' eyes paying homage to traditional Chinese shows.

  • Hire phenomenal Chinese themed entertainment ideal for corporate events, private parties, and more.

  • Book engaging entertainment across Serbia that will leave a lasting impression.

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Book Chinese themed entertainment for a unique quick change magic act that involves the use of various Chinese-themed masks that will captivate and amaze guests of all ages. Our quick change artist will invoke imagination and wonder as he quickly speeds through a number of different masks and dance choreographies to dazzle those in attendance. Bringing together the traditional Bian Lian Chinese shows that have roots in the Sichuan opera with a modern twist, our face changing performer would bring the ideal engaging entertainment to your event, ideal for corporate events, theatre performances, private parties, and a lot more.

Our performer has designed his version of the classic Chinese shows in a specific way that still pays homage to the traditional art form, but can be marvelled by both Western and Asian spectators. An incredible and almost impossible performance has to been seen live to believe it, including performers in brightly coloured costumes, fast paced music, and wonderfully crafted opera-based masks, our Chinese themed entertainment will keep crowds riled up as our entertainer performs with elements of fan manipulation to give his face changing act a breath of fresh air. Our quick change artist will also interact with guests, bringing them into the fun for a carefree interactive experience.

Certain to leave a lasting impression over your next event or gathering, our quick change magic show can be constructed to fit within most themes and styles, providing a few customisation options, and phenomenal engaging entertainment. Leaving guests with lasting memories, our Chinese mask changing act will liven up your event, creating endless conversation starting topics.

Contact our wonderful Scarlett Entertainment in house team of experts if you're interested in booking our awe-inspiring Chinese mask changing act for your next event or gathering, or if you have any questions you need answered.