Chinese Entertainment Dubai

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Chinese Entertainment Dubai
Reasons to book this Chinese themed entertainment
  • Choose from Chinese lion dance, fan dance, umbrella dance, dragon parade and ribbon dance!

  • Acts performed by Asian cast bring an authentic Chinese flavour to any occasion!

  • Comprehensive list of costumes and accessories to choose from to fit any theme or suit your requirements 

  • The ideal entertainment choice for Chinese New Year celebrations, themed events, festivals, gala dinners, theme parks, and more!

  • Hire Chinese themed entertainment in Dubai and across the UAE

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Chinese New Year in Dubai is an excellent opportunity to celebrate this Asian culture and welcome the new year with extraordinary Chinese cultural acts. 

If you’re hosting an event to celebrate the Chinese New Year in Dubai, you can choose from a variety of different acts: from Chinese fan dancers to dragon and lion dance performers, the list of Chinese entertainment available is extensive. 

Guaranteed to add an authentic Chinese flavour to any occasion, Chinese cultural acts are a major requirement at any New Year’s party. Performed by an all-Asian cast, acts such as the dragon and lion dance are vital crowd-pleasers at any event celebrating the Chinese culture. 

Performers offer both stage and roaming performances and can fully adapt to different performance spaces both small and big. Available in many different lineups, our performers can be booked in different groups. 

Eye-catching and traditional, these acts can also be interactive. Our dancers can jump off stage and mingle with the crowd whilst they perform their routine. On top of that, they can pose for photos in order to provide your guests with an unforgettable memory in the form of an image.

A go-to entertainment option for a broad range of eventsChinese New Year celebrations, themed events, festivals, gala dinners, theme parks, and more! Whatever the occasion, our umbrella dancers, Chinese fan dancers, dragon and lion dance performers and ribbon dancers are guaranteed to make any celebration unforgettable. 

Scarlett Entertainment offers a broad range of Chinese entertainment in Dubai, across the UAE and worldwide.

If you’re interested in booking Chinese Entertainment in Dubai, then contact us today and make an enquiry. Our dedicated team of Entertainment Experts will be delighted to answer all the questions you may have about Chinese New Year in Dubai and assist you in the booking process.