Children's Vintage Magic Show

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Victorian Magic Act
Reasons to book this Children's Magic Show
  • Hilarious children’s magic show performed by two Victorian gentlemen who love tea

  • Entertainers ask kids to join them on stage and perform some funny tricks on them that blow them away

  • Magic show for kids (and for childish grown-ups) involves lots of audience’s participation

  • Victorian magic duo amazed audiences at the Fringe Festival in Edinburg where little ones and their parents didn’t stop laughing

  • This Children's Magic Show is available for bookings in the UK and overseas

Children's Vintage Magic Show videos

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A Victorian Magic Act especially designed for children (and childish grown-ups), this children’s magic show features two exceptional entertainers who will sure amaze little ones and leave lasting memories.

These children’s magicians and entertainers will make young audiences travel back in time to witness a show from another era. These Victorian English gentlemen perform a children’s magic show that combines mysterious tricks with high doses of humour.

This magic show for kids was widely applauded at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, where this Victorian Magic Duo captivated spectators with their playfulness and their funny tricks. An act that involves lots of audience’s participation, kids will be asked to join this duo on stage to ‘help’ them perform some of their magic and share some laughs with them!

Little ones and their parents will be left speechless when our children’s magicians and entertainers read their minds or guess the number they’re thinking, the amount of money they keep in their pockets or what their favourite colour is!

A type of entertainment for the whole family, this children’s magic show is especially suitable for festivals, family days and events, children’s parties, shopping malls, and many more! Happy to adapt it to different performance spaces, our children’s magicians and entertainers always welcome the opportunity to entertain audiences within the UK and overseas.

Top Tip:

This Victorian Magic Duo also offers shows for adults and a Christmas Themed Show. You can find out more about this option by checking their page or contacting our team of Entertainment Experts.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a variety of magic shows for kids for events in the UK and all over the world.

If you’re interested in booking this sensational Victorian Magic Act, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. They will be happy to provide further details on these children’s magicians and entertainers and assist you in the booking process.