Children’s Entertainer Bristol

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Children’s Entertainer Bristol
Reasons to book this Children’s Entertainer
  • Experienced and versatile children’s party entertainer is a specialist in balloon modelling

  • Offers both stage shows and roaming performances that combine plate spinning, magic, balloons, puppets, humour, etc.

  • Happy to customise his acts and adapt them to different spaces and themes

  • Children’s stage shows ideal for birthday parties, schools, christenings, family days, shopping malls, etc.

  • This Children’s Entertainer is based in Bristol and available for bookings nationwide

Children’s Entertainer Bristol photos

If you’re organising a kids party and are looking for the right children’s party entertainer for it, then look no further. This experienced performer is guaranteed to make any family event an occasion to be remembered with his

This charismatic children’s party entertainer quickly win young audiences over with his friendly personality. His sense of humour will get both kids and adults giggling and sharing meaningful moments together.

This performer’s shows can be themed for your specific event, which makes him suitable for Christmas parties, Halloween celebrations and many other themed occasions. He offers both children’s stage shows and roaming performances. Both options are fully interactive as our entertainer constantly requires help to carry out most of his tricks and acts.

A regular face in children’s hospitals and other public events, this entertainer and balloon modelling artist has also participated in numerous TV shows and multicultural festivals.

An all-in-one children’s party entertainer, this versatile performer is a balloon modeling artist and can also offer a diverse range of children’s stage shows that include plate spinning acts, magic and high doses of humour! His live puppet shows are a very popular option among the littlest ones.

Ideal children’s party entertainer for the whole family, our expert balloon modeling artist is especially suitable for birthday parties, schools, nurseries, christenings, summer festivals, family days and many more! Whatever the occasion, his performances are always the highlight of any celebration.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a variety of children’s party entertainers for events in the UK and all over the world.

Contact us today if you’re interested in booking this fantastic and versatile Children’s Entertainer from Bristol. Our dedicated team of Entertainment Experts will be more than happy to provide further details on the different children’s stage shows our performer offers and assist you in the booking process.