Champagne Chandelier

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Champagne Chandelier
Reasons to book this ACT
  • The largest crystal hung chandelier from which aerial can be performed

  • A glamorous aerialist elegantly turns and rotates as she serves champagne

  • Bespoke design allows up to 8 bottles to hang under the chandelier

  • Perfect for dazzling guests at a wide range of events and venues

  • Based in Manchester & available to perform at events worldwide

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Champagne Chandelier is the last word in aerial decadence. It is the largest crystal hung chandelier, fully lit with controllable colour changing LED lights from which aerial can be performed. It is unique in its design and size; it is truly a stunning bespoke creation.

A beautiful costumed female aerial performer elegantly turns and rotates underneath, serving your guests with champagne from the air. The Champagne Chandelier rises and lowers for maximum impact, allowing the performer to somersault high above guest’s heads and low enough to serve champagne at a perfect height.

The bespoke design allows for up to 8 bottles to hang under the chandelier, without losing their bubbles. Champagne Chandelier is perfect for dazzling at a wide range of events and sets off an event space to perfection, even when it’s not part of the performance.

In addition to Aerial Bartending, we have a range of our stunning aerial acts that can perform beneath the Champagne Chandelier. The feature performance is our dynamic male and female aerial duo hoop act. This can be performed with or without our beautiful Feather showgirls and led feather fans. 

Contact us today to find out more about how the Champagne Chandelier can make your event truly memorable.