Champagne Chandelier Act

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Champagne Chandelier Act
Reasons to book this ACT
  • What’s more glamorous than a champagne aerialist? A champagne aerialist hanging from a giant chandelier, that’s what!

  • Featuring a stunning chandelier containing more than 1000 cut glass crystals, this chandelier aerial act will leave your guests breathless

  • Elegantly pouring drinks for your guests, this wow factor act will add sparkle and bubbles to any high end occasion

  • This chandelier aerial act has been booked by prestigious clients like Moet & Chandon, Ministry of Sound, The Mercedes Benz and Red Bull

  • Hire the marvellous Champagne Chandelier Act for your event in Bristol or internationally

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You are going to pull out all the stops at this year’s event. You are looking for the classiest, most dazzling, most exciting act to ensure that your special occasion is remembered by guests for years to come. But what entertainment do you choose? There are so many acts to choose from but you are looking for something with that added WOW factor. Welcome to the Champagne Chandelier Act. Following the notion of a traditional champagne aerialist, this high end option combines a classy drinks service with sparkling entertainment from a professional aerial artist; however, this chandelier aerial act is so much more than that. Imagine this, guests arrive at your event and in the centre of the venue is a giant glittering chandelier. Of course it attracts everyone’s attention and they marvel at its beauty. Just as everyone is staring skyward, a beautiful nymph begins to descend from the shimmering light fitting. In her hands she is clasping a bottle of champagne. What could be more perfect?

The delightful chandelier contains over 1000 cut glass crystals, ensuring that the object will cascade light throughout your venue and onto every surface. Hanging from the chandelier, like an inverted Christmas tree, is a stunning aerial dancer who can dazzle your guests with her grace and strength as well as gracefully pouring champagne and other delicious beverages for guests to enjoy. Adding WOW factor to corporate functions, wedding receptions and product launches, the aerial artist in this act is happy to alter her dress depending on the theme or type of occasion you have planned. 

A favourite of prestigious clients such as Mercedes Benz, Moet & Chandon, The Ministry of Sound and Redbull, you can expect your event to be talked about for years to come after hiring our chandelier aerial act to perform. Easy to rig and containing its own battery powered light bulbs. 

If you have any questions about the technical requirements of booking the fabulous Champagne Chandelier Act and champagne aerialist for your event, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at Scarlett Entertainment today.

Mercedes Benz 
Ministry of Sound
The Royal Navy
Euro 2012
London 2012
Glastonbury Festival
Capital One
Trinity College Cambridge
Cafe du Paris
Alton Towers
Cirque duo Soul
Rugby World Cup
Red bull
Moet & Chandon
Formula 1