Chair Aerialist

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 Chair Aerialist
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A chair aerialist who performs a stunning cabaret act whilst being high up in the air is guaranteed to astound all audiences

  • Combining elegance, strength, agility and flexibility this circus performer creates stunning shapes with this unique prop

  • An act that is both daring and beautiful also available as a duo

  • Perfect for corporate events, private parties, gala dinners, cabaret shows and any occasion that desires a unique aerial performance

  • Based in San Francisco and available for worldwide bookings

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A chair aerialist who has over ten years of experience perfecting her circus routines and skills, this circus performer boasts a unique experience that fuses stunning aerial routines with an unusual prop.

Weaving her body in and out of her structured chair prop our circus performer showcases strength, flexibility, agility  and grace as she supports herself in intricate positions, carrying the weight of her body and launching it into fascinating shapes.

A mesmerising performance that will have all of your guests looking to the ceiling, this stunning chair aerialist tells the story of a protagonist who is isolated and rejected by a man but then rises physically and metaphorically as she grows in self confidence. Finally the transformation ends in a final spin, powerful and strong she destroys the past and welcomes her future as a new woman. 

A cabaret act that takes it’s audiences on a journey this aerialist captivates all onlookers and provides event entertainment that is stunning and powerful to behold.

Top Tip:
This Chair aerialist is perfect for corporate events, private parties, showcases and any occasion that wants to spread a message.

A routine that is packed with a contrast of daring moves and elegant motifs this chair aerialist will astound all audiences and provide entertainment that not only is mesmerising to watch but that tells a gripping story.

In addition to performing her chair aerial routine our circus performer also performs as a duo as each performer becomes a reflection of the other, breaking the illusion by melting into each other and synchronising their movements to make it appear as if they are one. A stunning performance that provides a variation in aerial styles.

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