Car Reveal Air Sculpture

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Car Reveal Air Sculpture
Reasons to book this ACT
  • WOW factor car reveal air sculpture is the perfect form of contemporary art for product launches and logo reveals

  • Has formed a show-stopping piece of art that adds drama, mystery, and excitement to product launches, corporate events and logo reveals

  • A diverse and extremely fascinating means of revealing a product, event or person that can also feature video mapping

  • Previous clients include Mercedes Benz and Lexus

  • Based in New York and available for worldwide bookings

Car Reveal Air Sculpture videos

Car Reveal Air Sculpture photos

Our New York artist has created a WOW factor air sculpture that is perfect for product launces, corporate events, logo reveals and works extremely well for a car reveal. This form of contemporary art is unique, intricate and extremely dramatic.

With an impressive roster of previous clients including Mercedes Benz and Lexus our New York artist has impressed clients from around the globe with his fascinating contemporary art. 

An air sculpture that consists of waves of fabric that are powered by fans to look as if they are moving on their own accord is futuristic, engaging and can most certainly create a dramatic entrance whether it be for a person, product launch or car reveal. 

The fabric can be customised to suit the colour scheme of your event creating a much more personalised car reveal and product launch to complement your event perfectly. In addition to customising the colour of the fabric the sculpture can feature video mapping to create a completely customised and personalised car reveal or product launch.

An air sculpture that adds suspense, drama and mystery to any event is engaging and will have your audiences bemused as to what is going to be revealed. A show stopping piece of contemporary art that is a powerful tool to engage audiences and guests whilst offering an elegant sculpture to gaze at as the fabric dances around the car. 

To book our fantastic car reveal air sculpture contact our Entertainment Specialists or to view more work from our contemporary artist visit his Air Sculpture, Air Sculpture with Dancer, Air and Sine Wave Sculpture  and Snow Vortex pages. 

Cirque Du Soleil
Cisco Systems
Louis Vuitton
Mercedes Benz
Oglivy and Mather
RTL Television

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