Canadian Roller Skate Duo

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Canadian Roller Skate Duo
Reasons to book this Roller Skating Dance Act
  • Highly energetic male and female roller skate duo with international experience

  • Multiple costumes options to fit event themes and customisation options are available

  • Perfect for everything from corporate dinner parties to cabaret shows and circuses

  • Clients include Cirque du Soleil, 45 Degrees, Palazzo, GOP-Varieté and Flip Fabrique

  • Based in Québec City, Canada, and available for events worldwide

Canadian Roller Skate Duo photos

Our highly energetic male and female Canadian Roller Skate Duo is a very dynamic and highly elegant couple that deliver exhilarating shows on a tiny podium. Their acrobatic skating displays have been stunning audiences for years at multiple events around the world gaining international experience is different environments. 

The French Canadian Roller Skate Duo deliver highly impactful roller skating dance routines that completely mesmerises audiences. Some of their truly remarkable stunts will have your guests in a spin. Their roller skating dance performances are a fluid combination of skill, agility and strength combined with precise choreographies. 

Perfect as the centre-piece of an event, this acrobatic skating act can be a primary focal point with or without other entertainment options. The roller skating dance create a remarkable experience at everything from corporate dinner parties to cabaret shows and circuses. The Canadian Roller Skate Duo has multiple variations of their routines available and the possibility to create new ones. The duo also has a wide range of sophisticated and stylish costumes that can be used to fit the theme of your event as well as being open to try new themed outfits. 

The roller skating dance duo has previously worked for clients such as Cirque du Soleil, 45 Degrees, Palazzo, GOP-Varieté and Flip Fabrique and they even appeared on France's Got Talent. 

Our dedicated team of Entertainment Experts are located all over the world and can make all necessary arrangements to bring the exciting Canadian Roller Skate Duo to your location. Contact us to find out about booking and performance videos are available on request.