Butterflies On Stilts

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Butterflies On Stilts
Reasons to book this Stilt Walkers
  • Fantastic giant red butterfly walkabout act

  • Two, three or four stilt walkers available for interactive entertainment

  • Walkabout act can be on stilts or on foot

  • Perfect for indoor, outdoor, daytime or night time events

  • Based in Barcelona and available worldwide

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Bringing nature to life on a grand scale is the ever impressive butterflies on stilts, a walkabout act guaranteed to turn heads and stand out at any event. The walkabout act comes dressed in dramatic red costumes with large inflatable butterfly wings. They are visually striking and look almost like bizarre futuristic beings making them not only incredibly well suited to outdoors events, street parades and festivals but equally well suited to a future themed event.

These wonderful stilt walkers are ideal for grabbing attention at all manner of celebrations and events. By booking the butterflies on stilts means you’ll have a fantastic walkabout act that will also provide the guests with brilliant interactive entertainment and an unforgettable experience.   

The vibrant and eye catching butterflies on stilts are generally hired as stilt walkers but available to perform without the stilts too. Your event venue may be restricted on height but this option means you won’t lose the visual impact. The walkabout act is incredible versatile and can offer you interactive entertainment at a variety of events and occasions. Indoor or outdoor, daytime or nighttime. In fact, they are a fantastic choice for evening or night time events as they come with some amazing in-built lights that really make them stand out. 

Contact our exceptional Scarlett Entertainment team of experts if you are interested in booking this wonderful walkabout act. They will be more than happy to answer any queries you have and assist you in booking the butterflies on stilts.