Burlesque Show New York

Burlesque Show New York
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Blend of creative vision, style, glamour, and breathtaking beauty

  • Performed at the Waldorf Astoria's Grand Ballroom & Madison Square Garden

  • Offers a variety of spectacular props to enhance her mesmerizing dances

  • Audience participation is encouraged and welcome if requested!

  • Based in New York & available to perform at events worldwide

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NYC burlesque dancer Aisha produces a wide array of shows and events spanning from highly acclaimed theatre burlesque shows to one-off extraordinary spectaculars. While each show represents a different style within the burlesque genre. A blend of creative vision, style, glamour, and breathtaking beauty are words often used to describe Aisha's performances.  Aisha powerful technique captures the true essence of the art, bringing to life sparkle and excitement!

Burlesque dancer Aisha is often hired to perform at upscale venues and celebrities' events. Her talent and acclaimed professionalism have brought her to perform at numerous prestigious establishments around the world. In the US, she has been spotlighted on the stages ranging from Waldorf Astoria's Grand Ballroom to Madison Square Garden and Webster Hall, from Delaware Symphony Orchestra to 50,000-guest Kentucky Derby Party, from Middle-Eastern royal family and Oil Magnates' parties to theatres and upscale night clubs, from international cruise ships to school charity events. Anywhere she goes for her solo performances or as part of a troupe – United States, Egypt, Turkey, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Puerto Rico, and others – the audience, with its attention pinned to the stage or dance floor is mesmerized and amazed by grace and passion of her dance, by stunning costumes, and Aishia's magnetic personality.

Indulge yourself and your guests to a stunning burlesque performance that has always been satisfying even the most discerning audience... Burlesque performer of NY-NJ Aisha offers a variety of spectacular props to uniquely enhance her mesmerizing dances. Based on your type of event, she can tailor her performance to suit it the most.

The dance props, she can feature in the show, include: 
Feather fans (Sally Rand) dance
Chair dance
Boa dance
Mermaid dance
Wings dance
Cersei Lannister, Game of Thrones 

The dances are choreographed and include taking clothes off in stylish old fashion and teasing way, but there is no nudity in the show!  

Photographs by:
Zora Studios