Burlesque Sensation Perle

Burlesque Sensation Perle
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Named one of the top 3 burlesque performers in the world today

  • Seductive moves include high kicks, splits, shimmies & flips

  • Ongoing appearances with Dita Von Teese on her ‘Strip Strip, Hooray!’ tour

  • Has performed at The Metro Theatre Sydney & Teatro Crico Price in Madrid

  • Based in New Orleans & available to perform at events worldwide

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Perle is the epitome of elegance, grace and raw sex appeal. Named one of the top 3 burlesque performers in the world today with an ongoing appearance with renowned burlesque superstar Dita Von Teese on her ‘Strip Strip, Hooray!’ tour, Perle is one extraordinary talent.

Her amazing stage presence, seductive moves and artistry, and flawless choreographies featuring high kicks, splits, shimmies and flips grant her standing ovations at each and every performance. She has performed on countless stages across the world including The Metro Theatre in Sydney, The Crown Casino in Melbourne, and Teatro Circo Price in Madrid.

Perle offers a number of themed acts: a Josephine Baker tribute inspired by one of France’s best-loved entertainers (complete with banana skirt and feathers!); L’Afrique - a perfect blend of high-energy dance, strip tease and glamour - Perle pays tribute to the African Goddess Oshun; the sexiest Boudoir Act you’ll ever see.

A dazzling performer with numerous accolades to her name including Most Dazzling Performer 2012 she will heat up your event be it a corporate function, private party, theatre or variety show.

Bringing Venus to Life
Drawing inspiration from Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus,” Perle Noire’s Venus act begins with deliberate, undulating movements that slowly build as she “awakens” in a new world and takes the audience on an odyssey of sexual awareness and divine love. It is a journey of self-discovery and acceptance through sensual dance.

Take in the resplendent beauty of the intricately bejeweled costume as Perle struts to set the stage for a celebration of femininity. As the performance progresses and she begins to alluringly peel off layers, Perle embodies a newfound self-awareness that inspires everyone who witnesses it. Because Perle pours her heart and soul onto the stage each and every time she performs, the audience will experience a healing with her by the end of this moving act.

The Goddess and the Butterfly Embrace Freedom
Get ready for Perle Noire as you've never seen her as she dons an exquisite jewel-toned corset, body-hugging sequin skirt and sumptuous top with a special reveal for the audience….shimmering butterfly wings for the Goddess and the Butterfly. This transcendent act will draw in the audience with its stillness and captivating emotion. The Goddess and the Butterfly, a tale of transformation illustrated with lyrical dance moves, is the quintessential expression of new life, love, evolution and, ultimately, freedom.