Burlesque Performer Rae

Burlesque Performer Rae
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Wowed audiences for 7 yrs with both classic burlesque & neo burlesque acts

  • Performs birthday fan dance, balloon act, nature act and the naughty bride

  • Popular at bridal parties, birthday parties, corporate events

  • Performed at venues including Le Poisson Rouge, Drom, The DL & Don Hill's

  • Based in New York and available to perform at events worldwide

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New York based Burlesque Performer Rae is known for the sass and class she brings to the burlesque stage.  With a svelte figure like Josephine Baker, she's been wowing audiences for 7 years with both classic burlesque and neo burlesque acts. A trained Actor and Dancer Rae spins her passion for the arts into works of art for the burlesque stage.  

Inspired by the talents of Sally Rand, Jean Idelle, Lily St. Cyr, and Rose Hardaway, Burlesque Performer Rae invites the audience to join her on a journey unlike any other. Her popular burlesque acts include: Birthday Fan Dance, Balloon Act, Nature Act and The Naughty Bride.

Her unique take on burlesque has lead to performances at Birthday Parties, Bridal Parties, Sweet 16 parties, and Corporate Affairs.  Rae has performed at venues including Le Poisson Rouge, Drom, The DL and Don Hill's.

As an experienced dance educator of both burlesque, cabaret, and belly dancing, Rae is happy to teach a sassy or sultry routine to someone who is being honoured at your event. Her unique style of performing and hosting has been known to get even the most painful shy person to hit the dance floor and have some fun. She will exceed your expectations.