Bullet Time Photo Booth

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Bullet Time Photo Booth
Reasons to book this Bullet Time Photo Booth
  • Bullet Time Photo Booth captures high definition images and fuses them together to create immersive entertainment

  • Freezing moments in time this vibrant Bullet Time Photo Booth is incredibly sharable and can be fully customised to suit all events, promote brands and launch products

  • With up to fifteen camera’s pointing at you and your guests this 180 degree GIF photo booth is a must have at every event

  • Comes with custom props, overlays and backdrops

  • Based in London UK and available for worldwide bookings

Bullet Time Photo Booth photos

A Bullet Time Photo Booth that takes real time images that capture moments as they happen in a fun and innovative way. Creating a 3D immersive world our Bullet Time Photo Booth boasts event photos with a difference and make for immersive entertainment that is trendy, sharable and fully customisable

Using multiple cameras to capture high definition images that are pulled together to create an immersive environment this quick and simple GIF photo booth freezes moments and creates GIF images that are trendy, vibrant and instantly sharable on social media.

With the option to fully customise everything about this Bullet Time Photo Booth our team provide custom backdrops, props and overlays making for custom made branded content that guests are instantly drawn to. 

Perfect for attracting guests to your trade show booth, pop up store and raising brand awareness this GIF photo booth is a must have for all events and guaranteed to bring a vibrant appeal to your occasion. 

Having worked with high end clients such as Sky, L’Oreal, the FA Cup and McDonalds this Bullet Time Photo Booth gives consumers an immersive experience that they will never forget and want to share with their friends on the spot. 

With up to fifteen camera’s pointing at you and your guests this 180 degree GIF photo booth is a must have at every event and perfect for raising brand awareness with colourful branding options. 

A GIF photo booth that comes in a range of sizes you can hire a Bullet Time Photo Booth with five cameras, nine cameras and a whopping 15 camera rig for the ultimate frozen image experience. 

Top Tip:

Even though our Bullet Time Photo Booth produces GIF’s to share online, guests can still take home a photo print out of their experience, like they would from a standard photo booth as well as having the option to share the digital version online.

Capturing a single, frozen moment or creating movement amongst your guests by delaying each camera by milliseconds you can decide everything about this bespoke service. Giving personality to event photos the Bullet Time Photo Booth can even come with a green screen and event tools such as data capture, social analytics and social sharing. 

To hire our Bullet Time Photo Booth or to find out more about our GIF photo booth’s services and spec, contact our helpful team of Entertainment Specialists.