Bubble Show Naples

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Bubble Show Naples
Reasons to book this ACT
  • An incredible bubble show is highly impressive and astounding to behold

  • A magic show and bubble act that is highly interactive, engages with audiences and allows guests to experience bubbles in a new and exciting way

  • Our bubble magician transforms simple soap bubbles into sculptures

  • Can even put spectators into giant bubbles

  • Based in Naples and available for worldwide bookings

Bubble Show Naples videos

Bubble Show Naples photos

A remarkable bubble magician who fuses his magic show with an incredible bubble act astounds and amazes audiences with his out of this world tricks and abilities to create stunning pieces of art with simple soap bubbles. A bubble show that is highly interactive is a hit with audiences of all ages.

Watch how simple soap bubbles can be transformed into stunning sculptures as our bubble magician traps smoke inside a bubble, forms bubbles in the shape of cubes and can even place brave members of the audience inside a giant bubble!

A bubble show that exceeds expectations of what can be done with bubbles is the ultimate act for private parties, corporate events, festivals, product launches and any occasion that desires remarkable entertainment that involves bubbles!

You can even play table tennis with bubbles and watch them dance in the air as our bubble magician creates stunning bubble art that is breath taking to behold and incredible to witness.

In addition to his bubble show our bubble act can also perform magic shows with improbable magic, hilarious gags and strong audience participation. Perfect for audiences of all ages, this is an extremely fun yet impressive act that is a hit with all ages. 

To book our brilliant bubble show or for more information contact our Entertainment Specialists today!