Bubble Performers On Stilts

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Bubble Performers On Stilts
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Fascinating unique act combining stilt walkers and bubble performers with amazing costumes

  • A walkabout act to amaze any audience

  • Roaming characters bring an air of fantasy to your event

  • Fantastic outdoor or indoor entertainment for special occasions or corporate events

  • Based in Brisbane and available internationally

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This totally unique act will have your audience in awe of their presence. The fascinating roaming characters will add mystery and fantasy to whatever event you book them for. On the other hand they will fit incredibly well to themed events. Either way, they will bring smiles all round.

Towering over the crowd, the stilt walkers come elegantly dressed in white costumes that cover the stilts. They also have simple gold venetian masks and unusual headpieces that light up a night. The roaming characters appear to have just been pulled straight out of fantasy story or like mythical jesters ready to entertain a royal audience.

This exquisite, unusual walkabout act is also cleverly combined and acted out by bubble performers. The roaming characters will wonder through your event space creating large bubbles that adds to the enchantment of this unique act. Adults will be amazed by the amazing stilt walkers whilst kids will endeavour to catch the bubbles.

The Stilt walkers’ unique act is fantastic outdoor or indoor, daytime or nighttime entertainment for a wide range of special occasions or corporate events. Adults and children alike all love this walkabout act and the simplicity of this entertainment makes it incredibly versatile.

Our bubble performers come stilt walkers are available singularly or as a quintet. The performers have been providing roving stilt acts to festivals, night clubs and corporate events throughout Australia and overseas for over 15 years to audiences totaling over 4.5million. For 10 years they have entertained the masses at Woodford Folk Festival, Opened Stores for Loui Vuitton Stores in Singapore and Year Long and had residencies at The Family Night Club Brisbane.

To book these amazing stilt walkers for your event, speak to one of our team at Scarlett Entertainment.

"For the past 4 years we have had this act, perform at our Family Fun Day's for Brisbane Festival and we could not be happier with their performance. We are always impressed with their professionalism, infectious energy, engagement of audience and physical expression; ultimately adding to the atmosphere of the festival. They are a must have at any event. "

Brisbane Festival, QLD