Bubble Performer Ben

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Bubble Performer Ben
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Creates beautiful, humorous & mind boggling soap bubble sculptures

  • Show includes bubbles within bubbles, smoke & geometric shaped bubbles

  • Ben can even put a person inside a bubble!

  • Featured on ABC TV Channel 7 and WGN TV Channel 9 morning news programs

  • Based in Chicago & available to perform at events worldwide

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This Chicago based Bubble entertainer has been featured on ABC TV Channel 7 and WGN TV Channel 9 morning news programs.

This Bubble Show is a unique form of family entertainment. Indoors, Ben uses a few simple tools and his bare hands to create beautiful, humorous, and mind boggling soap bubble sculptures. Bubbles within bubbles, smoke bubbles, spinning belt bubbles, and geometric shaped bubbles are part of the show. Ben can even put a person inside a bubble!

He recently added a new segment of lighted sculptures whenever it's possible to darken the room he is in. A very cool effect! Outdoors, Ben creates much bigger bubbles that people of all ages love to chase, pop, or just stare at in awe. Some can be as big as a car!!  Their transient and delicate beauty elicit an awe inspiring sense of wonder. They have been called "silent fireworks".

When the wind kicks up, he uses a special tool that creates hundreds of softball sized bubbles in a few seconds that he shoots at his audience.  Throw in a little humour and some audience participation and you get one of a kind, visually delightful entertainment that's sure to please young and old alike.

Although most of his shows are for children and families, Ben performs a good number of shows for events with no kids present at all. Anniversaries, corporate events, conventions, etc. He has entertained a room full of doctors at a medical conference as easily and thoroughly as a gym full of school children. Everyone loves bubbles!