Bubble Gymnasts San Francisco

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Bubble Gymnasts LA
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Graceful bubble gymnasts WOW audiences with contortionist skills and beautiful costumes

  • Highly trained acrobats demonstrate grace and flexibility both on land and water

  • Zorbing acrobats can be customised to suit your event or theme perfectly

  • Perfect for corporate entertainment, parties, weddings, winter wonderlands and any occasion that desires a fun and mesmerising form of entertainment

  • Based in San Francisco and available for worldwide bookings

Bubble Gymnasts San Francisco videos

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Our bubble gymnasts display gorgeous performances showcasing their strength, grace and flexibility to create mesmerising event entertainment that is captivating and exciting to watch. Highly trained contortionist acrobats provide fantastic bubble entertainment that is unique and elegant to watch. Our zorbing acrobats can not only perform on land but can also perform on water in a very relaxing and fluid performance. 

Event entertainment that has the ability to create another dimension at your party, wedding or corporate occasion WOWs audiences and leaves them captivated by the intricate contortionist displays and routines.

Our zorbing acrobats work incredibly well on water as the water reflects and rebounds off of the giant bubble creating a new lighting effect that dances on and off of the bubble gymnasts costume and body. 

In addition to their water version our bubble gymnasts and contortionists can customise their act to suit your event perfectly – whether it be to match the colour scheme, event or occasion. 

Brilliant bubble entertainment that includes the best zorbing acrobats is a hit with all audiences and is guaranteed to add sophistication and elegance to any and every event.

To book our outstanding bubble gymnasts and contortionists contact our Entertainment Specialists or to see more from this interactive entertainment act visit our Wine Bike, Art Cars, Aerialist Bartenders and Roving Champagne Dress pages.