Breakdancing Pinocchio Puppet

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Breakdancing Pinocchio Puppet
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Life sized puppet and giant puppet master provides a diverse Pinocchio act complete with breakdancing and smash hit music

  • A dancing puppet that groves and moves to contemporary music whilst being controlled by his puppet master turns into a real boy

  • A unique adaptation of Pinocchio that children love

  • Perfect for private parties, childrens parties and any event that requires a character to come to life

  • Based in New York and available for worldwide bookings

Breakdancing Pinocchio Puppet videos

Breakdancing Pinocchio Puppet photos

A life sized dancing puppet controlled by his giant puppet master father Geppetto provides wonderful entertainment for children’s parties and any event that wants to bring the spirit of a character to life. Our breakdancing Pinocchio act is unique, current and a hit with audiences of all ages.

Our Pinocchio character roams around the stage controlled by his puppet master by strings, breakdancing and moving his puppet like body to tracks from Bruno Mars, Fatboy Slim, Taylor Swift and our puppet even moon walks to Michael Jackson! A unique dancing puppet act that brings magic and excitement wherever they go! Our Pinocchio duo are thoroughly entertaining to watch and get the audiences dancing along with the character as he bops about the stage.

At the end of the act the dancer behind the mask is revealed as he is turned into a real boy, moving and grooving even more to the music with his new found lease of life as a human. In addition to the Pinocchio act our puppeteer can create completely customised puppets from scratch in a mere four weeks! Puppets of your wife, husband, best friend or sibling can be created to look exactly like them, this is perfect for adding personalised qualities to any event or occasion.

Our Pinocchio act is a popular act amongst children as they get to dance along to great music with one of their favourite characters.  An entertaining and interactive act that can be adapted and customised to suit your event perfectly is a hit with audiences of all ages. 

To book the amazing breakdancing Pinocchio and Geppetto act, contact our Entertainment Specialists