Bowler Hat Men Walkabout

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Bowler Hat Men Walkabout
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Characters from famous painting with puppets walkabout your event

  • Bowler hat-wearing men from Magritte painting are classy and sophisticated

  • Great presence at arts festivals, shopping malls and corporate parties

  • Picture frames around heads have extra characters attached

  • Slovakia-based act available for bookings worldwide

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Book our famous character entertainment walkabout act for a unique roving act. This arty show is perfect for arts festivals, corporate parties and shopping malls. As a roaming act, the characters are brilliant for photo opportunities and for interaction with audiences. 

Everyone will remember the scene in the Thomas Crown Affair remake where Pierce Brosnan fills the Metropolitan Museum of Art with this character from the famous Rene Magritte painting to throw detectives off the scent. 

With an apple in front of his face, the man in the painting is an icon of modern art and has been parodied and included in films, cartoons and other works of art since 1964. Now you can have the roving act and his brothers at your event!

The characters wear black suits with white shirts and red ties, in keeping with the image, and wear large green apples on their noses to create the image of the hovering apple from the painting, which Magritte made as a self-portrait. 

They also have picture frames suspended around their heads, attached to which are models of more men in black suits wearing bowler hats! This creates the illusion of many more people than are actually walking about - which is an impressive spectacle!

The roaming act is a great addition to a festival, particularly arts festivals, as the arty show are is humorous and mysterious. Brilliant as a photo opportunity or as a talking point, the characters can be brought into shopping malls to drive footfall and get audiences to interact with your event or brand activation.  

To book our comic walkabout act character entertainment, contact our dedicated entertainment coordinators today.