Bollywood Dancers Geneva

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Bollywood Dancers Geneva
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Bring to life the vibrancy, colour & infectious rhythms of Bollywood!

  • Perform a fully choreographed show using popular Bollywood hits

  • A range of dance medleys from traditional to contemporary

  • Stunning costumes including pearl & gilt with amazing jewellery/makeup

  • Based in Geneva & available to perform at events throughout Europe

Bollywood Dancers Geneva videos

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This energetic bollywood dance troupe is composed of 8 dancers who perform a range of dance medleys from traditional to contemporary, using popular Bollywood hits.  The fully choreographed show includes professional female dancers wearing traditional costumes including pearl and gilt with amazing jewellery and makeup.

If you are planning a wedding, corporate event or private party in Switzerland and are looking for something truly spectacular to begin your evening, this Bollywood Dance Group is just what you need.