Body Painter Toronto

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Body Painter Toronto
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Fantastic body painter will turn your guests into breathtaking works of art!

  • Talented and imaginative event artist can transform the human body into a beautiful painting in minutes

  • Turn your guests into incredible life art or hire stunning models to amaze guests with their stunning full body artwork

  • Acclaimed body artist has made incredible works of living art for Bank of Montreal, Bestival, and events and nightclubs around Canada and the US

  • Visionary live event artist available for parties, events and function around Canada

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Turn your guests into incredible works of art with our incredible body painter. Our fantastic live event artist creates stunning works of art using the human body as her canvas.

Guests will be amazed at the imagination and skill used to create her vibrant and captivating life art masterpieces, and will be delighted with the opportunity to have one of these incredible paintings drawn on their own body! Our talented body artist is a renowned painter and her works on both canvas and skin have been displayed in galleries and exhibitions around Canada and the United States, and she can bring that same exceptional talent to your party or event to turn guests into colourful works of art. Book this exceptional event artist and give your guests the unforgettable experience of carrying a genuine art masterpiece around with them on their body!

Our fabulous live event artist is renowned for her ability to create stunning and imaginative images using the human body in creative and innovative ways. Our gifted event artist is one of the fastest body painters in the business, able to transform guests into an explosion of colour and style in minutes. This life art visionary can create breathtaking pieces to suit any themed event or to match the colours and branding of any corporate function. For an added spectacle our body artist can create more detailed and mesmerising full body artwork on her life art models to create a stunning work of art that walks around and adds an incredible atmosphere to any event. Her acclaimed artwork has made a huge impression at major events for Bank of Montreal, Fitness Stars and Metro Newspaper as well as acclaimed work at nightclubs and festivals around Canada.

Scarlett Entertainment offers you an incredible selection of live event artists to make stunning works of art before your eyes. Contact our team to arrange booking one of our fantastic acts.

Bank of Montreal
Metro Newspaper
City TV
Secret Society
Toronto International Buskerfest
Everlyn Night Club