BMX Jump Box Stunt Show

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BMX Jump Box Stunt Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A jump box ramp that launches BMX riders into the air enables our world class performers to pull the ultimate stunt tricks

  • Performing moves such as backflips, frontflips, no handers, 360s, 720s, tailwhips, supermans and many more daring stunts

  • Show includes two or three professional BMXers, a compere and PA system

  • Three different jump boxes available

  • Based in London and available for worldwide bookings

BMX Jump Box Stunt Show videos

BMX Jump Box Stunt Show photos

A daring jump box stunt show that launches your event to the next level with exciting routines, incredible tricks and immense skill. A BMX show that is a hit with audiences of all ages is guaranteed to astound your audiences and create a huge buzz wherever they go.

Watch as our world class professional BMX riders are sprung into the air from our jump box ramp, performing incredible stunts that are out of this world. Hitting the box at great speeds these riders perform the very best moves including backflips, frontflips, no handers, 360s, 720s, tailwhips, supermans and many more daring stunts

A stunt show that includes two or three professional BMX riders, compere and PA this self sufficient act can perform up to four times a day with each show lasting 30 minutes. With three different jump boxes this BMX show can supply a huge jump box and quarter pipe set up to create an arena show as well as two more scalable jump boxes that can be broken down into multiple parts making it just that bit easier for events that don’t have as much space available.

With experience working with arena entertainment, schools and universities, trade shows, cycle races, TV and advertising campaigns, theme parks, county shows, holiday parks and festivals these professional BMXers can tailor their performance to suit your event perfectly. 

An extremely dynamic stunt show that will have you begging for more, will astound audiences of all ages as they flip, twist and jump in mid air!

To book this highly impressive jump box stunt show contact our Entertainment Specialists today, or to see more from our BMXers visit out Diverse BMX Show page.