Beatboxer Dom

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Beatboxer Dom
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Unconventional noise maker & precise isolator in Robot movement

  • The most trend setting talent of the year!

  • His jaw dropping show includes robotics to house music

  • Performed at mainstream theatres to 5 star reviews

  • Based in Taunton & available to perform at events worldwide

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Unconventional Noise Maker and Precise Isolator in Robot Movement

From an early age, the waves and pulsating of sounds invigorated a passion for creating, experimenting and visualising art in a whole new level. Playing with peculiar patterns within a song to display robotic and vocal percussion. All of this in a jaw dropping show.

Beatboxer Dom has been hitting mainstream theatres all year round! With more sound FX than an iPod and 5 star reviews that’ll blow your mind you’ll have to prepare yourself for the most trend setting talent of the year!

Devised in the UK, originated from European travels, Beatboxer Dom takes you through a sound activated journey using today’s greatest theatre techniques and sounds! From robotics to house music Beatboxer Dom paints a picture that only you can finish!