Battleships team building game

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Battleships team building game
Reasons to book this giant game
  • Giant battleships game brings the classic strategy game to larger than life proportions!

  • Visually striking and unique concept makes this giant game fun for all ages

  • Team building game of communication and guesswork hosted by theatrical team to get everyone in the spirit

  • Fantastic battleships game has been a hit at events around the UK including Eden Project, the Barbican Centre and SS Great Britain

  • Brilliant team game available for corporate events, parties and festivals across the UK.

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This unique and -eye grabbing game of giant battleships is sure to be a hit with players of all ages. This huge and visually impressive team game is a fun and exciting game perfect for large open spaces. Our interactive team game works just like the classic game of strategy, but is played on our giant boards by two teams hundreds of metres apart.

The huge scale and long distance communication required for this fun filled activity make it an ideal team building game for both corporate teams and children’s parties. This giant game is run by our theatrical and hilarious crew who will ensure everyone gets included in the seafaring spirit of the game. Everyone has played the classic battleships game but no one will have seen or experienced it quite like this!

This visually stunning giant battleships game is played on colossal boards separated by hundreds of metres. Teams compete to guess where the other team’s ships are placed just like in the small scale battleships game, but the only way the two teams can communicate in this giant game is via holding up giant signs and flags. Teams of adults or children alike will be desperate to find and sink their opponents before they lose all their own ships!

The cooperation, decision making and communication needed in this long distance game of strategy and guesswork make it an ideal team building game for corporate events, while the visual excitement makes it great for children’s events too. The scale of this team game makes it perfect for playing across large office spaces or as part of outdoor parties or festivals.

The huge size and ingenious concept of this team game make for an eye grabbing attraction at any event that everyone will want a go at!

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