Basketball Freestylers Canada

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Basketball Freestylers Canada
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Multi talented freestylers offering fresh routines and new styles

  • Combination of experience and creativity, perfect for all type of crowds

  • Popular with corporate events, workshops, school activities, outdoor ads

  • Previous clients include vancouver Spring Show, Arrix, Zona, TNG

  • Based in Canada and available to perform at events worldwide

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Basketball Freestylers Canada members Storm and Cloud are experienced freestylers that has traveled extensively for shows and bookings. With 6 years of experience in performing for events and parties around the globe, Basketball Freestylers Canada have slowly built a steady fan base appreciative of their work and talent.

Storm is a multi talented sports professional, having filmed and published teaching DVDs of freetyle soccer. He also constantly serves as a judge in various national level freestyle basketball competitions. Cloud is the 2012 Taiwan MBA Freestyle Competition champion as well as the 2013 Brickyard All Style Champion.

Their brand of entertainment is a surefire hit among the young and old alike, particularly the basketball fans. Recently the Basketball Freestyle Duo were invited to the vancouver Srping Show, the Chinese Cultural Association New Year Festival Showcase and the Youthful Expression Street Dance Battles performance.

Not one to say no to the opportunity to showcase what they can do, Basketball Freestylers Canada are frequent guests at company events, basketball workshops, charity events, school activities, charity shows just to name a few. They bring with them a brand of entertainment that is fresh, youthful, and exciting.

The Vancouver Spring Show
Chinese Culture Association New Year Festival Showcase
T.N.G The Next Generation 2014 All Style Street Dance Battle Performance
Royal City Rumble - Give Charity a BREAK showcase
Zona Story & Song Party Showcase
Ariix Chinese New Year Party Showcase
YOUTHFUL EXPRESSION Pt.2 Street Dance Battles Performance
Chinese North East Dumpling Feast Showcase
High School High Street Dance Competition Showcase