Baroque Themed Performers

Themed Entertainment,Victorian & 18th Century
Baroque Themed Performers
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Incredible baroque circus gives a thrilling modern twist to 16th century glamour

  • Transport your guests to an enchanting period ball with our fabulous classical dancers

  • Thrilling modern dancers combine classical and contemporary moves in a seductive and high energy show unlike any other

  • Amazing modern baroque entertainment features jugglers, cirque performers and stunning light and laser show

  • Baroque dancers available for performances and events throughout Italy

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Bring something totally unique and unforgettable to your event with our amazing baroque circus show- an incredible night of entertainment combining the elegance of a 16th century ball with the thrilling rock n roll spirit of the present day. Our fantastic baroque dancers deliver an electrifying routine full of classical and modern choreography that’s sure to wow any audience.

Our amazing modern baroque show features an array of talented dancers and performers is elegant and authentic baroque style costumes that make for a stunning sight. Our amazing modern dancers provide a dazzling spectacle full of passion and seductive energy that’s sure to get the whole room in the mood to party. Book this fantastic and one of a kind dance show and let the hottest classical dancers and entertainers in the business give you a spectacular night of entertainment.

 Our baroque circus features all the elegant attire and beautiful music to convince your guests they’ve stepped back in time to a romantic and intriguing masquerade ball. Once a suitably regal and impressive atmosphere has been established our baroque dancers tear off their vintage dresses and proceed to dazzle audiences with sexy modern dance routines while our DJ expertly blends modern and classical music in an exciting and spectacular show!

This incredible show features amazing classical dancers and modern dancers to kick the party off in inimitable style. Also on offer are a huge range of other acts including jugglers and cirque performers in delightfully ornate baroque costumes, as well as a stunning light and laser show to bring a fantastic modern twist to 16th century glamour.

Contact our team to book our baroque dancers for a professional and top quality night of entertainment like no other.