Bangkok BMX Stunt Rider

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Bangkok BMX Stunt Rider
Reasons to book this Flatland BMX Rider
  • Young talented flatland BMX rider that pulls off many stunning stunts

  • Extreme sports entertainment that guarantees to impress audiences

  • Six times Thailand BMX champion and takes part in international competitions

  • Has worked with ESPN, Red Bull, Thailand Motor Expo, G-Shock, Thai PBS Channel, and more

  • Based in Bangkok, Thailand, and available for events worldwide

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Our Bangkok BMX Stunt Rider is one of the country's finest and will totally blow you and your guests away with his incredible skills. Specialising in flatland BMX tricks, this BMX rider spends little time sitting on his saddle and more time carrying out highly impressive stunts, flips and balancing acts. 

The extreme sports enthusiast has been taking part in competitions all over the world and is receiving very positive media attention. The BMX rider has been the Thailand champion six times in a row. This feat alone makes him stand out as an exceptional rider who can seriously impress with his tricks. 

The Bangkok BMX Stunt Rider travels around the world to perform at events and competitions in USA, Canada, Germany, Finland, England, Japan, Korea, Macau, China and around Southeast Asia. Regularly performing for different types of audience, the Thai BMX stunt rider quickly pulls in a crowd. Quite at ease either in front of an audience of thousands or in a city centre sure, the Bangkok BMX Stunt Rider is in his element when on his bike.

From large sporting displays to short impressive stunts, brand awareness campaigns to motivational activities, this Flatland BMX Rider can cater for any type of event. He is able to wear branded clothing and perfect for the corporate clients seeking to impress audiences with a visually satisfying extreme sports. Some previous client shave included ESPN, Red Bull, Thailand Motor Expo, G-Shock, Thai PBS Channel, Tourism Authority of Thailand and Drift Action Camera.

Still young, but one of the country's finest, the Bangkok-based flatland BMX stunt rider is perfect for impressing guests with his extreme sports displays. 

Contact us at Scarlett Entertainment to book this talented flatland BMX stunt rider for your event.