Bamboo Stilt Walker

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Bamboo Stilt Walker
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Amazing Bamboo shrub themed stilt walker is an eye-catching attraction

  • Stunning 12 foot tall gentle giant is an eye catching walkabout act

  • Capable of blending into greenery or outdoor surroundings and delight guests as it comes to life

  • Perfect for floral, nature or jungle themed events

  • Based in San Francisco and available for event all over America and internationally

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Keep your Pandas firmly out of sight as our stunning Bamboo Stilt Walker is guaranteed to make them very hungry. The nature themed walkabout act’s incredible costume looks so much like a real bush, that anyone could be fooled. Nature comes to life as this wonderful wandering bush elegantly roams around wowing audiences with its beauty.

This incredibly impressive jolly green giant is a nature themed stilt walker that measures an impressive height of over 12 feet tall. The custom-made organic-looking body costume is perfectly finished off with realistic looking foliage. The Bamboo Stilt Walker is fully capable of blending into greenery or outdoor surroundings and will delight guests as it comes to life. 

The wandering bush is perfect for a wide range of events all over America and can travel overseas. As a Bamboo Stilt Walker, it is very well suited floral, nature or jungle themed events. It is an exceptional walkabout act or meet and greet stilt walker that is guaranteed to captivate and maze audiences of all types. It is great as a welcoming act and bound to become one of the most talked about acts at your event. 

To find out more, or to book this fantastic nature themed stilt walker, contact us at Scarlett Entertainment.