Bali LED Water Drummers

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Bali LED Water Drummers
Reasons to book this LED Drummers
  • Customisable LED water drum shows to add a visually captivating performance to your event

  • Multiple line-up options with both male and female performers

  • Great choice for corporate events, awards ceremonies, galas and brand launches

  • Available as LED drummers without water but including roaming percussion

  • Based in Bali, Indonesia, and available for events throughout Asia

Bali LED Water Drummers videos

Bali LED Water Drummers photos

The Bali LED Water Drummers will provide your event with a very special and memorable live performance. Their visually captivating water drumming shows use a variety of stunning LED water drums, amazing LED costumes and superb choreographies backed by high calibre backing tracks.

These one-of-a-kind water drumming shows make every event highly memorable and guarantee that your guests will be talking about the show for a long time afterwards. The LED water drummers are a great choice for corporate events, awards ceremonies, galas and brand launches where their short, hard-hitting percussive performances will have a dramatic impact. 

The Bali LED Water Drummers have many different line-ups to choose from with both male and female drummers, multiple costumes options and customisable LED drums making the whole water drumming show unique to your event. If you don't want the water element, you can book LED drummers for stage shows and roaming performances. 

Top Tip: When you book this act for special events such as weddings, they will offer an interactive experience for some of the guests as you can see in photos above. 

If you would like to book our Bali LED Water Drummers for your event, don't hesitate to contact us at Scarlett Entertainment.