Bagpipers Paris

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Bagpipers Paris
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Have the ability to make an event atmospheric and memorable

  • Customizable show size for small events to big stadium-filling shows

  • Amazing performance with traditional bagpipes & highland costumes

  • Popular with weddings, burns nights, festivals & themed events

  • Based in Paris and available to perform at events worldwide

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Paris based Bagpipers are an exciting group of traditional Scottish bagpipe entertainers. Utilizing the bagpipe as its main musical instrument, the group performs iconic songs that uplift as they entertain. From Amazing Grace to When the Battle is Over and Shoals of Herring, the bagpipers offer masterful renditions of well-loved and thought provoking classics.

The bagpipe itself is a very interesting instrument. It was first used in Scotland around AD 1000, with some minor improvements in design and technology over the years. It has gone through major upheavals of history and served as silent witness to the falling and the rising of the cultural tide. Much has changed in Scotland but the bagpipe has endured and stayed.

This Pipe Band take the bagpipe as an iconic cultural symbol and use it to create fun, bring joy, and spread goodwill. They have become regular performers for corporate events, festivals, cultural shows, and private parties throughout France.