Bagpipe Comedy Show

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Bagpipe Comedy Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • The only comedy show in the world to combine bagpipe playing & stand up comedy!

  • A fantastic mix of clean stand up comedy & good ol’ fashioned tunes on the bagpipe

  • Performs to crowds at world’s biggest comedy festival every year: Edinburgh Fringe

  • Perfect for comedy clubs, festivals, themed events & more

  • Book our bagpipe comedy show for events in Copenhagen, Europe & worldwide

Bagpipe Comedy Show photos

Our talented bagpipe player and stand up comedian has become internationally renowned as the bagpipe comedian! Offering unique comedy entertainment unlike anything else on the comedy circuit today, our bagpipe comedy act will have your guests in fits of laughter in no time at all.

Often asked what came first the bagpipes or the comedy, our bagpipe player will tell you that he has been playing the bagpipes since 1998 and performing comedy since 2004, but it was only in 2007 that he brought the two together to create his fantastically funny bagpipe comedy act. Employing a clean brand of stand up comedy - there are no naughty words or bad-taste jokes here - with a musical twist, our stand up comedian will appeal to audiences of all ages and nationalities - even if they don’t like bagpipes!

A regular at the Edinburgh Fringe, winner of the World Championships for Solo Piping in Glasgow (2012) and Scandinavian Piobaireachd Champion (2015) you can rest assured that our bagpipe comedian brings out the best of stand up comedy and bagpipe playing. His comedy show is packed with unpretentious jokes, anecdotes about weird bagpipe experiences (there are a surprising amount!), and improvisation with the audience. If you’ve got a song request our bagpiper player is more than happy to indulge and will play well-known tunes, just in a most untraditional way.

Inventive and laugh-out-loud funny, our stand up comedian and bagpipe player’s comedy entertainment is sure to be a huge hit with guests at any event. He can even tailor his show to incorporate key themes or messages without losing any of the funny!

If you’d like to find out more about out bagpipe comedian or book him to perform at your event, get in contact with our professional entertainment coordinators. They have years of experience pairing world-class entertainment with events to create unique and unforgettable experiences for event attendees.