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Reasons to book this ACT
  • Outstanding Ukrainian act perform mixture of world-music, folk-rock, indie

  • Multi-instrumental band distinguished by the uniqueness of the 3 vocalists

  • Finalist of Polish TV-show "Must Be The Musiс" - watched by 5 million

  • Performed live on the folk stage of Woodstock in Poland to 400,000 people

  • Based in Kiev, Ukraine & available to perform at events worldwide

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"AtmAsfera" is an outstanding Ukrainian band that is gaining increased popularity across Europe. "AtmAsfera" is a multi-instrumental band distinguished by the richness and uniqueness of the 3 vocalists (two female and 1 male). They have won many awards and are a favourite at many prestigious European festivals.  AtmAsfera's music is a mixture of world-music, folk-rock and indie, combining ethno motives, forms of classic and modern music with elements of improvisation.

"Atmasfera" is a multi-instrumental band that can be compared to a small orchestra because of the number of instruments used, namely flute, synthesizer, mandoline, drums, guitar and bass-guitar. Apart from the main instruments, there are a variety of percussions, various types of flutes, violin cello, electric guitar, Guzul pipe, chimes, idiophone,  saxonette, xylophone and other instruments from around the world.

The variety of musical repertoire and stage experience makes it possible for "Atmasfera" to perform on different concert grounds: large rock- festivals (Przystanek Woodstock in Poland), world-music open-airs (Trypilske Kolo in Ukraine), international jazz-festivals (Molde-Jazz in Norway), non-commercial music festivals (Pustie Holmi in Russia) and ethno-festivals (Krayina Mriy in Ukraine, Folkowo in Poland).

"Atmasfera" have represented original Ukrainian musical tradition on the international stage - EUROPA-FEST (Romania), party for the Euro-parliament officials (Belguim), draw ceremony, dedicated to the UEFA EURO 2012 (Poland).  The band have performed in concert-halls in many European countries including - Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Norway, Monaco, France, Slovakia, Sweden and England.

Where they have performed:

Large rock-festivals -
"Przystanek Woodstock" (Pl)
"The Global Battle Of The Bands" (UA, GB)
"Emergenza" (UA, RU)

World-music open-airs -
"Trypilske Kolo" (UA)
"Noc Kultury" (PL)

International jazz-festivals -
"Molde-Jazz" (NO)
"Flugeri Lvova" (UA)

Ethno-festivals -
"Krayina Mriy" (UA)
"Folkowo" (PL)

Non-commercial music festivals -
"Pustie Holmi" (RU)
"Rozsypaniec" (PL)

TV-show -
"Must Be The Music" (PL)

Charity -
"The Great Orchestra Of Cristmas Charity" (WOSP) (PL)