Asian Dance Theatre Show

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Asian Dance Theatre Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • An Asian Dance Theatre Show that features traditional Japanese dance performances and authentic Asian entertainment

  • A performing artist who has perfected the art of traditional Japanese dance this remarkable show astounds audiences from all over the globe

  • Show features the Dance of the Lucky Gods, Japanese Lion Dance, Hyottoko Dance, Hotei Dance and changing mask routine

  • Event entertainment that is based on the oldest Japanese much about an evil multi-headed serpent

  • Based in Austin Texas and available for worldwide bookings

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An Asian Dance Theatre Show that takes audiences on a journey through Japanese culture, our Japanese performers boast an unforgettable event entertainment option that strikes a chord with audiences from all over the globe. 

This professional performing artist has perfected the art of traditional Japanese dance. For this show she performs The Dance of the Lucky Gods, switching between the God of Longevity, the Goddess of Arts and Knowledge, the God of War and the God of Happiness by swiftly switching masks, headdress, costumes and props.

This dramatic and engaging Japanese mask dance is followed by a brief talk about the Kagura mask dance which has been performed in Shinto shrines in Japan for centuries. Audience volunteers are invited to play roles in a mask dance-drama and try out their acting skills! The drama is based on the oldest Japanese myth about an evil multi-headed serpent and is incredibly fun to take part in!

Alternative performances can include a the Japanese Lion Dance, Hyottoko (Funny Man) Dance, and Hotei (God of Happiness) Dance. Our Japanese performer is also a brilliant teacher and leads workshops where you can try on the masks and learn the traditional routines that our dancer performers in our Asian Dance Theatre Show. 

Top Tip:

Our Asian Dance Theatre Show can also feature a Balinese Temple Dance, Balinese Mask Dance and Balinese Shadow Puppet Show.
Having mastered a wide range of Balinese dance in both male and female forms and in three main regional styles, our Japanese performer received training from internationally acclaimed  Balinese dancers such as Ni Wayan Sekariani and I Dewa Nyoman Irawan. 

Providing a cultural dance experience that is educational as well as entertaining, this is the ultimate event entertainment option for any occasion looking to impress their guests and provide an insight into Japanese culture.

To book our Asian Dance Theatre Show or for more information about Japanese event entertainment options, contact our Entertainment Specialists today.