Asian Dance And Drama

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Asian Dance And Theatre
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A critically acclaimed performing artist specialising in ancient and traditional Asian dance

  • Traditional Asian dance performances are incredibly authentic with precise costumes and choreography

  • Received training from internationally acclaimed Balinese, Japanese and Indian dancers

  • Asian dance and drama repertoire encompasses dances from Bali, Java, India and Japan

  • Based in Florida, USA and available to perform at events worldwide

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Originally from Japan, this critically acclaimed performing artist is renowned for her mastery of a wide range of Balinese and Asian dances that span across a 500 year history. Offering fantastically authentic Asian dance and drama, her performances are both educational and hugely engaging. 

Having received training from internationally acclaimed Balinese dancers such as Ni Wayan Sekariani and I Dewa Nyoman Irawan; Japanese mask dancers, Osamu Wakayama and Mizuki Kakizawa; Javanese dancers including Dyah Kustianti; and Indian dancers such as Shaila Sateesh and Apoorva Jayaraman, her Asian dance performances are amazingly precise and varied. Her extensive dance repertoire includes a range of ancient dance routines; classic court dances and ancient mask dances some such as the Balinese Gambuh dating back some 500 years. She can also offer Japanese Shinto mask dance and drama.

Having studied Ballinese dance, Javanese dance, Bharatanatyam and Japanese dance in depth, she was struck by the similarities between all of these cultures’ ancient ritual dances, leading her to conducted extensive research into exploring the relationship between them all.

Such is her knowledge of each of these traditional forms of Asian dance, she can incorporate storytelling and educational talks into her dance and theatre performances. Audiences can have the opportunity to learn more about the history behind the dance performance they are watching, creating a more stimulating experience. She can also incorporate interactive workshops and has a wealth of experience conducting educational programmes for all ages. 

All of her performances feature beautiful authentic costumes that are true to the time period and culture of dance. Expressive, theatrical and emotive, her traditional Asian dance brings to life stories from ancient Asian cultures with an authenticity and vibrancy that will engage both adults and children.  

To find out more about booking an Asian dance performance for your event, get in contact with our team of experience entertainment coordinators. 

"Stunning performances - rewarding, healing, hypnotic. Wonderful cultural experience."

Isaac Frazer, Big Island Weekly

"Both children and adults were captivated by the intensely expressiveness of [her] dance and her stunning costume and masks. Throughout her performance, [she] was an engaging narrator, providing just the right amount of information to make the arts experience accessible. The different dances and songs that she chose for the performance showcased a spectrum of diverse and fascinating repertoire relating to Balinese dance and culture, all to the delight of our audiences."

Linh Nguyen, Education Coordinator, Asian American Resource Center, Austin, TX

"[Her] presentation is educational entertainment providing the audience with thought provoking content through a visually stimulating and sometimes humorous enactment of storytelling. [She] is a well-rehearsed and important artist."

Al Alsina, General Manager, SpringHill Suite Marriott, Sarasota, FL 

"[Her] dance expressed our various emotions through her piercing eye movements, lively facial expressions and ever vibrant fingers. Her performance made me feel as I’m familiar with Bali, although I have never been there."

Jeon In Young, Director, Shala Center, Chungju, South Korea