Art Cars San Francisco

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Art Cars LA
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Transport your guests to another realm filled with unique cars, carriages and whimsical characters

  • Variety of roving entertainment on wheels has guests spoilt for choice

  • Unique art cars are fantastic for themed events and outdoor occasions

  • Choose your car to suit your event

  • Based in San Francisco and available for worldwide bookings

Art Cars San Francisco photos

Book our whimsical art cars for fantastic roving entertainment, perfect for all occasions whether it be picnics, festivals, weddings, parties or any occasion that desires outdoor entertainment with a difference.

Transport your guests to another realm that is overflowing with roving entertainment, unique transport and interactive characters. Our art cars and their drivers provide a steam punk vibe with their mechanical looking cars and costumes. 

Your guests will be spoilt for choice as you have the option to select roving art cars from a variety of different shapes and sizes. You could even book a Cinderella carriage, perfect for any children’s parties, proms, themed events and Disney princesses. 

In addition to a huge variety of transportation options that create a dreamscape like atmosphere our art cars can be used as roving entertainment to stroll around events passing every guest member or they can be used as a stationary feature, great for photo opportunities and themed events.

Our artistic vehicles are unique, vintage looking and extremely fun to feature at any event and are  brilliant expressions of creativity. These cars are extraordinary vehicles that are a hit with all audiences and guests whether it be at a wedding, picnic, festival, county fate or any form of outdoor entertainment - our roving cars are quirky and loveable and will guarentee to put a smile on your guests faces and have them lunging towards them with their phone in hand for a photo. 

To book our whimsical Art Cars contact our Entertainment Specialists or to see more from our roving entertainment visit our Bubble Gymnasts, Champagne Dress, Wine Bike, and Aerialist Bartenders pages.