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Aroma Jockey DJ
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A unique act that translates sounds into unique and wonderful smells

  • Artist combines smell with sound and visuals to create an all in one 3D experience

  • Performed at many of the best clubs and festivals worldwide

  • Previous clients include Vogue, BMW, Nike, Heineken, Philip Morris, Glastonbury, and many more

  • Aroma Jockey regularly performs alongside diverse DJs to create unique sensory experiences

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This Amsterdam based Aroma DJ is the hottest sensation of today's dance culture. With his mysterious aroma laboratory, he mixes herbal oils, incenses and real pheromones to create a unique sensory experience - bathing the crowd in a unifying scent that will create an unforgettable atmosphere. 

As a professional perfumer, aromatherapist, olfactory artist and performer since 2002, this act has worked for prestigious perfume houses, designed personal perfumes for celebrities and performed at many of the best clubs and festivals worldwide. As the inventor of Aroma Jockeying, he established the conscious use of scent in the arena of clubs, events and festivals.

Audiences at your event, product launch, party or concert will be captivated by an endless range of air perfumes made of natural, organic essential oils, natural aromas, perfume oils and flavours. Best of all? Our fantastic Aroma Jockey can make of your event something really unique by creating custom aromas. From intimate venues to huge concert halls, this performer is guaranteed to seduce crowds through their noses.

During your DJ set, our Aroma Jockey will create pleasant aromas, which will lead to amazing effects. A uplifted, happy and energetic crowd is guaranteed in just a few seconds.  In the arena of clubs and parties he translates music into scents that illustrate the artistic, leads, theme, vibes, moods and contrast of sounds. Smell as a medium creates meaning and authenticity in performance. Aroma Jockeying is controlling the vibes at events by mixing a seamless blend of the world’s finest scents.

Provide audiences at your upcoming celebration with a unique 3D experience by booking this phenomenal Aroma Jockey. 

Top Tip:

Don't forget to book this act alongside one of our sensational DJs!

To book this unique act for your event, get in touch with our specialist team.

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