Arachnobot The Spider

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Arachnobot The Spider
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A giant walkabout inflatable spider controlled by a single puppeteer

  • Can walk, leap & attack with a similar leg speed to a real spider

  • Performed at the Olympic Park & in Las Vegas to an audience of 200,000

  • Popular with street festivals and Halloween themed events

  • Based in London & available to perform at events worldwide

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Arachnobot the spider is a giant walkabout act wich roams the streets looking for prey, or anyone brave enough to say hello!  The 4m high inflatable spider is a fully articulated puppet controlled by a single puppeteer.  

The spider's 8 legs each have 3 seperate articulations allowing the spider to walk, leap, attack and tickle children with a similar leg speed to a real spider. The inflatable nature of the puppet means that is is great for close contact work within crowded performance areas and always gets a huge reaction.  Arachnobot has recently been seen performing in the Olympic park and Las Vegas where we entertained an audience of 200,000.