Arabic Percussion Player

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Arabic Percussion Player
Reasons to book this ACT
  • The very first professional arabic female percussionist in the world

  • A fusion of house and classic Arabic remixes, with or without a DJ

  • Perfect for corporate events, cultural shows, festivals, club parties

  • Toured with a big success in Europe, Asia, Africa, USA & India

  • Based in Denmark & available to perform at events worldwide

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Born in Germany from Palestinian parents, Percussion Player Simona later moved to Denmark where she became the first ever professional female musician from an Arabic background.

Teaching herself to play the percussion since she was 15, this lady of tenacity and determination is making waves in the world music scene, having played in many international music festivals around the globe.

An accomplished percussionist able to play a wide range of instruments, her favourite is the Daburka - a traditional goblet-shaped Arabic drum. With this, she can create soulful beats that have become her trademark of quality. She has toured with a big success in Europe, Asia, Africa, USA, India and Scandinavia, and collaborated with top artists, the likes of Natacha Atlas, Donna Cadogan, Aura Dione, Danish Rocklegends, and Casper Christiansen.

Percussion Player Simona draws her inspiration from all kinds of musical genres including house, electronic, pop ambient, oriental and world music. An accomplished artist that has roamed the world because of her talent, Arabic Percussionist Player is perfect for corporate events, solo shows, club parties, voice and instrumental concerts.

Podium Mozaeik - NL
Schouwburg Kunstmin - NL
Theater De Regentes - NL
Habibi Beduin Tent - UK
Grange Art Center - UK
Rich Mix - UK
Bermingham Museum & Art Gallery - UK
Festival La Nuits du Sud - France - Natacha Atlas ft. Simona Abdallah
Theatre Sainte Marie d’en bas -France- Natacha Atlas ft. Simona Abdallah
Zagreb Summer Festival - Croatia - Natacha Atlas ft. Simona Abdallah
Paléo Festival -Natacha Atlas ft. Simona Abdallah - Switzerland
Mela Festival - Oslo City Square Hall - Norway
Internationalt Hus - Norway
Kulturverket - Sweden
Sjömanns Kyrken - Sweden
Inkonst - Sweden
Alliance Française de Nairobi - Kenya
Arusha international Festival for Cultural Diversity - Tanzania
Alliance Française Dar es Salam - Tanzania
Bayimba Festival - Uganda
Lamu Festival - Lamu/Uganda
Darb 1718 Cairo - Egypt
The Danish Embassy - Cairo - Egypt
Paradiso - San Francisco - USA
Raffless Hotel, Jubilee Theater - Singapore
Mount Feber - Singapore
Esplanade Outdoor Theater - Singapore
Sultan - Singapore
Sufi Sutra Festival - Bihar - India
Sufi Sutra Festival - Kolkotta - India
EM Chill - Beirut - Lebanon
Capri Wedding - Capri - Italy