Aquatic Nocturnal Spectacle

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Aquatic Nocturnal Spectacle
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Amazing musical spectacular performed on the water!

  • Features pyrotechnics, fantastic costumes and incredible props

  • Sensational show will astound guests at your event

  • Transcends language barriers through music and movement

  • Based in France and available for events worldwide

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This totally unique and amazing theatrical show will delight and surprise guests at your event with its unusual nocturnal timing and aquatic staging, taking place fully in and on the water to create a truly spellbinding spectacle.

Featuring 15 actors, this incredible performance is an exciting blend of original music and pyrotechnics, with the lack of spoken word making this an ideal entertainment choice for international audiences as it transcends all language barriers.

A journey of the imagination that hijacks your senses and questions your reason, the show begins by depicting a simple urban day, yet slowly metamorphoses into a wild and vibrant display of the fleeting dramatic and utopian nature of man.

"If Lewis Carroll had turned his absurdist vision to street arts, teaming up with Salvador Dali and Hieronymus Bosch, he might have come up with this show, a strange, dreamy, floating spectacle where the performers literally walk on water. It is a beautiful vision of hell."

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian