Anteater Stilts

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Anteater Stilts
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Fantastic animal walkabout characters will surprise & delight guests

  • Unique costumes mean they glow in UV light & light up with el wire

  • Fun interactive walkabout entertainment perfect for the whole family

  • Perfect for outdoor festivals, jungle themed events, private parties & more

  • Book our Anteater Stilts for events in Vegas, the USA & worldwide

Anteater Stilts videos

Anteater Stilts photos

Hire our animal walkabout characters and add a unique edge to your event!

These incredibly tall giant anteaters will delight and surprise guests as they roam around your event and be completely fascinated by their realistic movements, but watch out because this inquisitive duo also have long, slurpy tongues that like to go wandering!

With impressive costumes featuring long fluffy hair, bright orange eyes and long pink tongues, our stilt walking neon anteaters look just as great in photos as they do in real life and are a real favorite with children and adults alike. Our anteater stilts really are a fantastic choice if you’re looking for fun, unique interactive entertainment - they will liven up any festival, street parade or shopping mall.  

Able to glow under UV light and be lit up with electroluminescent wire our walkabout animals are also a great choice for after dark events as a glow act.  

Fun, interactive and undeniably unique characters, book our roaming characters for festivals in Las Vegas and worldwide, as well as jungle themed events, private parties, summer garden parties, wild-life themed events and as children’s entertainment.