All Female Drumming Ensemble

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All Female Drumming Ensemble
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Incredible drummers will bring high energy live music entertainment to your event

  • Professional musicians perform dance, rock, pop, Bollywood music and more

  • Percussionists can perform alongside other artists including dancers and musicians

  • Ideal for festivals, ceremonies, parties, corporate functions, concerts, etc.

  • Drumming ensemble available to hire for events in Samara and across Russia

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Sure to be a massive hit at your event, our sensational female drumming ensemble is guaranteed to be a popular choice as this gifted group of percussionists put on an exciting and dynamic show for all to enjoy. Incredible live music entertainment that will make a real impact, our drummers offer a high energy and thrilling performance that will create unforgettable memories, with the professional musicians demonstrating impressive skill and musicality every time they take to the stage.

Taking audiences by storm, this powerhouse of highly trained drummers is certain to captivate your guests from the very beginning until the very end of their performance thanks to their unmatched talent and magnetic stage presence. Each member of the group performs on a different variety of drum, making for a rich and diverse sound and a visually spectacular show and promising universal appeal at your special occasion.

Experienced and professional musicians who are dedicated to delivering a punchy performance and plenty of lively fun, our talented percussionists will tailored their show to exactly meet your requirements. Versatile performers, our drumming ensemble can play an eclectic repertoire of genres, including pop, rock, dance, Bollywood, Japanese, and plenty more besides. Bound to offer something for everyone at your event, our female drumming group bring something unique, powerful, and loud to every occasion.

Truly exceptional percussion players who showcase brilliant creativity, passion, and talent, our troupe can also perform alongside other artists such as dancers and other musicians for maximum effect. Ideal for festivals, private parties, ceremonies, corporate events, concerts, grand opening and more, our drumming ensemble are available to book for events in Samara and throughout Russia.

As global entertainment specialists, at Scarlett Entertainment we can offer a whole range of incredible bands, musicians, and singers to perform at private and corporate events around the world and utterly amaze your audiences. For more information about the live music entertainment we can provide, contact our dedicated team of co-ordinators today.