Alien Walk Around Characters

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Alien Walk Around Characters
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Unique characters will make your event an unforgettable occasion

  • Alien walkabout performers provide fantastic interactive entertainment

  • Roaming act can perform in various costumes to suit your requirements

  • Ideal for parades, themed occasions, festivals, corporate functions, etc.

  • Based in Barcelona and available to perform at events worldwide

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If you’re looking to bring entertainment to your event that is truly out of this world, then look no further than our remarkable walkabout alien trio, a fantastically unique act that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Our roaming characters will appeal to guests of young and old alike at your event as they provide highly interactive entertainment, performing as three aliens who have arrived on Earth to study the human race. Trying their best to go unnoticed, these intergalactic travellers attempt to mimic the gestures and speech of the crowd, mixing and mingling with guests, posing for photos, and doing everything they can to understand the habits and actions of human beings!

Brilliantly unique characters, our walkabout performers are certain to be a popular choice, with these friendly aliens promising to make your event a memorable occasion. Ideal for festivals, themed events, parades, and more, our roving aliens also make for one of a kind corporate entertainment at exhibitions, product launches, and conferences.

Top Tip:
Our futuristic act can perform in various outfits to suit your event, with the alien trio even donning black tie when required! Contact our entertainment specialists today to find out more.