Alien Scientists

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Alien Scientists
Reasons to book this ACT
  • These silly scientists from outer space will delight & fascinate guests at your event!

  • Interactive entertainment offering endless opportunities for audience participation

  • Striking costumes & impressive height ensures these roving performers stand out

  • Perfect for festivals, family events, futuristic themed parties & much more

  • Book walk around characters for events in Vegas, the rest of the USA & worldwide

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Hire our futuristic walk around characters and add fun and whimsy to your event!

One of our most interactive walkabout acts, these scientific explorers from outer space present endless opportunities for audience participation and are a favorite with all ages. Equipped will all manner of scientific equipment and paraphernalia from their home planet, and in possession of a whole lot of curiosity, our futuristic roving performers will explore and study everything at your event as part of their scientific exploration of the planet earth - including the human population! There’s just one problem they can’t speak the local language.

Hilariously funny and fantastically comic, these unique characters are brought to life by our experienced circus entertainers and professional stilt walkers. Their costumes and make-up are incredibly detailed and ensure they pose a striking image as they stand heads about the crowd - they also look amazing in photos.

Book our alien scientists as futuristic themed entertainment at themed events in Vegas, as well as public events, festivals and private parties.