Alice In Wonderland Themed Sand

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Alice In Wonderland Themed Sand
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Alice in Wonderland themed sand show brings the magic and excitement of the classic story to life

  • Experience the beloved children’s story like never before in this unique and captivating sand animation

  • Talented and imaginative sand artist recreates all the iconic scenes and moments from the story through exquisite evolving works of art

  • Engaging and visually stunning Alice in Wonderland entertainment suitable for adults and children of all ages

  • Alice in Wonderland themed show available for performances worldwide

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Book this magical Alice in Wonderland sand show and bring the wonder and excitement of the beloved story to life like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Our incredible sand artist re-creates the story and characters of the beloved children’s book with breath taking artwork using sand as the canvass. Audiences of all ages will be amazed as beautiful works of art are crates through every brush and stroke of sand, and each image slowly evolves and develops to tell the story through images and movement. Experience all the imagination, mystery and awe of Alice in Wonderland in this unique and ingenious sand animation performance that gives new life to the timeless book. For a fun, engaging and visually beautiful performance of Alice in Wonderland entertainment our sand artist is the perfect choice.

This brilliant sand animation brings all the fun and adventure of Alice in Wonderland to life like never before. Adults and children alike will be delighted by this inventive and unique show as Alice travels through the dreamlike world and meets all the colourful characters readers know and love. Iconic scenes like the Mad Hatter’s tea party and the Red Queen are all given life in extraordinary detail by our talented sand artist. Our Alive in Wonderland sand show is perfect for children who have never encountered the story before and is equally appealing to adults who want to relive this beloved classic in a new and unique way.

Even very young children will enjoy the visual nature of this truly magnificent Alice in Wonderland entertainment. Book our exquisite sand animation show for performances and this magical show will take audiences young and old through the looking glass.

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