Alice In Horrorland

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Halloween Alice In Wonderland
Reasons to book this Horror Themed Entertainment
  • Halloween themed Alice In Wonderland characters

  • Living dead Alice, Madhatter and the Red Queen

  • Perfect for Halloween or horror themed events

  • Amazing photo opportunity for event guests

  • Available for events in the UK and worldwide

Alice In Horrorland photos

Putting twist on the traditional childhood story, the unbelievable Alice In Horrorland characters will be a spooktacular addition to any Halloween or horror themed party. Chose all three, or pick and mix between the Red Queen, the Madhatter and Alice herself as three living dead characters who came to a nasty end. 

All three of the Alice In Horrorland roaming characters come in magnificent costumes that are worthy of any high-end budget film production. Paired with realistic facial wounds and blood splatters, the visual appeal of these roaming characters is unbelievable. Guests will be blown away my the magnificence of the Red Queen, wackiness of the Madhatter and Alice’s horrendous facial injuries. 

Our Alice In Horrorland roaming characters will make any horror themed party complete. This walkabout act is here to entertain your guests and to bring your event theme to life. Maybe you’re thinking of hosting a gory Madhatter’s tea party, alternative Alice In Wonderland event or horror themed party, then these roaming characters will blow everyone away.

Offering a walkabout act with a difference, the stupendously amazing and visually striking Alice In Horrorland characters will mingle and interact with the guests. They will provide an incredible photo opportunity for your invitees to remember your event by for years to come. With a little nudge the horror themed walkabout act may even treat your party to a little performance too. 

Contact us today to book the Alice In Horrorland roaming characters for your horror themed event.