Albert Einstein Lookalike

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Albert Einstein Lookalike
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Incredible lookalike is a dead ringer for physicist Albert Einstein!

  • Einstein impersonator is perfect for meet & greets & photo opportunities

  • Fantastic soundalike can also offer overview of the Theory of Relativity

  • Ideal for parties, themed occasions, corporate functions, festivals, etc.

  • Based in Kentucky and available to perform at events worldwide

Albert Einstein Lookalike videos

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Bring one of the most famous scientists of all time to your event with our remarkable Albert Einstein impersonator, both an incredible lookalike and soundalike of the revolutionary physicist with many years of performance experience and a skill for dialects.

Einstein is known the world over for developing the theory of relativity, considered one of the two pillars of modern physics, and is most noted for his formula E=mc2, dubbed ‘the world’s most famous equation’. Our brilliant tribute artist bears a striking resemblance the scientific genius, and can even provide your guests with an explanation of the famed theory in terms that everyone can understand.

Perfect interactive entertainment, our Einstein impersonator remains fully in character from start to finish, meeting and greeting guests, posing for photos, and providing a quirky addition to your special occasion. Ideal for themed events, private parties, science fairs, festivals and more, our Albert Einstein lookalike can also supply unique corporate entertainment for conferences, exhibitions, conventions, and product launches.

Top Tip:
Our professional lookalike is able to adapt his performance to suit your event. Contact our entertainment specialists today to find out more.