Aerialist and Trapeze Duo

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Aerialist and Trapeze Duo
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Visually stunning aerial duo add the WOW factor to any event

  • Perform aerial trapeze, aerial silks, and aerial rope as solos or as a duo

  • Daring tricks intertwining beautiful artistry creating a visual crescendo

  • Previous Clients include EE, Nintendo and Land Rover

  • Based in London UK, and available to perform at events worldwide

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This duo began training and working together in 2007, concentrating on duo trapeze. Combining their artistic and technical strengths, they developed their own unique take on a classic piece of equipment. A sensual duet on a spinning bar... daring tricks intertwine with beautiful artistry to create a visual crescendo, with an effortlessness that seems to defy gravity itself.

Aerial Silks
This duo presents a visually stunning aerial silks act, which is performed as a synchronised duet. The colour of silks and costumes can be changed to fit any theme.

Dance Trapeze acts
"Silver" is dynamic and elegant, featuring sparkly Cirque-style costumes and even a fantastic glitter drop at the end. It has a wintery feel to it lending it to any Christmas / winter themed events and would also fit in perfectly with a Cirque styled event.  Created with the corporate events market in mind, this act requires just one single rigging point and a ceiling height of 6m!

"Red" is up-tempo and high energy, a surprising and inventive interplay on the trapeze. Exciting tricks, vintage style costumes, and an endlessly spinning trapeze bar make this a whirlwind performance, not to be missed!

"White" portrays a young couple, happy in their life together...or so it would seem. Beneath the surface lies a subtle power struggle, an equal desire to be in control. Whilst working together they also work apart, finding ways to gain the upper hand. Finally they end as they begin, with neither achieving the power they are looking for.

Land Rover
Asian Achievers Awards 2013
Birmingham Trainee Solicitors' Society
Bristol Harbourside Festival
Cirque de Noel
London Edge
Tall Ships Festival
UBU Summer Ball 2013 
Winsor Bishop Jewellers

"A really classy addition to the evening"

Winsor Bishop Jewellers 

"We were overwhelmed with your contribution to the day, which made it something extra-special."

Private client, Ruby Wedding Anniversary 

"People loved your act and you guys were fantastic on stage."

Rovin George, Co Producer Asian Achievers Awards 2013