Aerial Wire Walker

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Aerial Wire Walker
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Aerial wire walker is sure to thrill your guests with incredible stunt act

  • Professional tightrope artist offers circus entertainment with a difference

  • A unique act that can even provide hot air balloon tightrope performances

  • Ideal for festivals, ceremonies, themed occasions, product launches, etc.

  • Unique act available to hire for events in Xinjiang and across China

Aerial Wire Walker photos

Prepare to be wowed by our incredible stunt act as this professional aerial wire walker thrills onlookers with his death-defying performance. Truly unmissable circus entertainment, our tightrope artist performs at staggering heights, demonstrating incredible balance and control as he walks across a thin wire suspended at a high altitude in a daring display unlike anything you’ve seen before. If you are looking for a unique act that will leave your guests with lasting memories, our amazing aerial wire walker is the one for you!

An electrifying performance that will raise hairs on the back of necks and cause many a gasp of wonder and fear, our brilliantly unique act promises to make your special occasion one to remember with his breathtaking demonstration. A traditional acrobatic practice dating back more than 2000 years in Chinese history, aerial wire walking is a fascinating and stunning visual spectacle that is certain to create a real buzz at your event, with our professional tightrope artist holding an impressive six Guinness World Records for his sensational performances.

Showcasing unbelievable strength, precision, and discipline, this stunt act offers circus entertainment with a difference as he performs with extreme courage high above the ground. An experienced performer, our tightrope artist can even walk the wire with his eyes closed, and is sure to make a real impression on guests of all ages. Delivering instant wow factor to any occasion, our circus act carries out a number of acrobatic moves as he balances expertly on the rope, with past performances even seeing him cross a wire suspended between two hot air balloons for a truly spectacular stunt.

An extraordinary sight to behold, our aerial wire walker is ideal for festivals, product launches, ceremonies, themed events, advertising campaigns and more, and is available to hire for events in Xinjiang and throughout China.

Just one of the many incredible acrobatic and original circus entertainment options that we can offer for private and corporate events around the world, our tightrope artist is the perfect addition to your function. For more information about the extraordinary acts we can provide you with, contact our entertainment specialists today and let us help you make your special occasion truly exceptional.